Profilocolore on CHIESA OGGI Architettura e Comunicazione

Profilocolore on CHIESA OGGI Spectral Imaging Systems

Below you can find the exhaustive article that CHIESA OGGI Architettura e Comunicazione has reserved for Profilocolore.

CHURCH TODAY Architecture and Communication is the reference magazine for the national and international architecture of newly built religious buildings and on the techniques of conservation, recovery and maintenance of the existing one.

The periodical was born in 1992, published by DI BAIO Editore, a historic Milanese publishing house that has been publishing specialized content in the world of Architecture since 1972.

The testimonies of architects and ecclesial clients, the projects in the pipeline, the analyzes on the restoration of interventions for the protection, conservation and safety of places of worship together with the beautiful photographic services, make CHIESA OGGI Architecture and communication unique in the world.