SpectraPick is an innovative calibration software for multispectral measurements, based on sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

The peculiarity of SpectraPick consists in the ability to measure the spectral reflectance at each point of the acquired image, in the range between 300 and 1000 nanometers, or from ultraviolet to near infrared using CMOS silicon RGB cameras. Actually, SpectraPick is not bended to specific electromagnetic bands, but it can work for any wavelenght, provided that the acquisition is carried out with a suitable camera and a ColorChecker measured in the band under investigation.

The software is the only product on the market capable of providing high colorimetric and radiometric precision measurements starting from very high resolution photographic images, obtained with a reduced number of optical filters.

SpectraPick Spectral Imaging Systems
Comparison between the image before (left) and after (right) the calibration with SpectraPick.

In order to process the images, acquired in situ under controlled conditions, SpectraPick requires correct lighting and the presence of radiometric references (ColorChecker) and exposure references, previously measured in the laboratory.

Subsequently SpectraPick converts the incoming images, acquired in RAW format, into real radiometric and colorimetric information, creating a mathematical basis for the generation of the output bands according to the real and virtual filters used.

According to an effective, fast and easy-to-use operating mode, the software is able to resample the images, align them with each other, starting from a reference image (Filter A), and calibrate them correctly.

At the end of this process are generated a CIELAB calibrated colorimetric image (exportable in Adobe RGB) and a series of monochromatic images, corresponding, based on the number of real filters used (2 or 4), respectively at 7 or 14 bands, with a radiometric precision higher than 98% and a colorimetric precision lower than DeltaE = 2. The number of output bands also grows exponentially if a certain number of virtual filters are also generated.

After calibration with SpectraPick, the images can be viewed and processed with the PickViewer software.

SpectraPick Spectral Imaging Systems
Preliminary phase to calibration.
SpectraPick Spectral Imaging Systems
Calibration results.
SpectraPick Spectral Imaging Systems
Calibrated images obtained with SpectraPick software.

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