Cultural Heritage

Diagnostics applied to Cultural Heritage, which has developed exponentially over the years, has increasingly highlighted the need to carry out study, restoration, prevention and maintenance activities of the Cultural Heritage in the most non-invasive way and through portable instruments.

Among the most important portable, non-invasive and non-destructive diagnostic analyzes are multispectral investigations: infact, it is possible to obtain a large amount of information about the state of conservation of the cultural heritage, any previous restoration or alterations, as well as identifying the presence of underlying drawings or artist’s regrets. They are also essential to monitor the stability of the colors present in the work over time and to provide preliminary details for the actual restoration activity, before moving on, if necessary, to invasive and / or more expensive diagnostic analyzes.

For the world of Cultural Heritage, Profilocolore has developed an innovative diagnostic instrumentation.

The main features of the system include:

Multispectral Imaging - Diagnostics applied to cultural heritage

The results obtained in a short time and with ease, provide a vast amount of information and scientific measurements, in an extremely precise and repeatable way over time.

The technology developed by Profilocolore is applicable in any context and on any type of cultural object: in fact, the instrumentation, easily transportable and equipped with batteries that make it energy self-sufficient, allows the acquisition of data in any operating condition.

Equipaggiamento utile per svolgere indagini diagnostiche multispettrali
Camera and target 7 utili per svolgere indagini diagnostiche multispettrali
Flashes utili per svolgere indagini diagnostiche multispettrali
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