Precision Farming & Land Monitoring

In the field of agriculture, monitoring the territory with a drone is a useful method for starting precision farming, land monitoring and soil assessment projects.

Multispectral shooting from drones allows  to observe the territory from remote systems (Remote Sensing) and obtain important information on the quality of the territory.

CAMGIC systems are composed of:

Precision Farming & Land Monitoring Spectral Imaging Systems
Precision Farming & Land Monitoring Spectral Imaging Systems

Thanks to the combination of these tools we obtain:

  • 1 RGB image in the visible colorimetrically corrected;
  • 7 images (bands) from UV to NIR (accuracy greater than 95%);
  • 12 Megapixels per image.


The material obtained will be useful for the spectral analysis of the soil, the classification and calculation of derived indicators. With the integration of other sensors on board, it will be possible to improve results and achieve new goals.

They can be integrated on board:

  • Thermal imaging camera;
  • Time of Flight camera (ToF – 3D imaging);
  • LIDAR (laser scanning).

The advantages of CAMGIC systems are:

  • Reduced payload – the systems have a total weight of 350 gr.;
  • Radiometric and colorimetric accuracy;
  • Great wealth of analysis functions and powerful data analysis tools;
  • Integration of different technologies and analysis tools.