About us

Profilocolore Ltd. is an engineering company, founded in 2008 and became Ltd. in 2010, which combines skills from different engineering sectors for the development of unique products and software.

In addition to being specialized in the development of Multispectral Imaging systems with high colorimetric and radiometric precision, Profilocolore Ltd. offers consultancy as a System Integrator for the development of innovative customized projects.
The technologies and products developed by Profilocolore are applicable to numerous sectors, among which the following stand out:

The peculiar characteristics of the solutions offered by Profilocolore Ltd., common to all application fields, are speed, high resolution, high precision, obtaining a large amount of analytical information and non-invasive methods of the characteristics of surfaces and materials of different nature.

Profilocolore as
Research and development

Over the years Profilocolore has developed a process to extend the sensitivity of standard cameras to full spectral capacity depending on the nature of the sensor, preserving the original optical-geometric characteristics to optimize operation in the new sensitivity range.

In addition, it has developed the optimization of a standard method for data acquisition and has developed performing proprietary calibration algorithms, based on Artificial Intelligence, which guarantee high radiometric and colorimetric accuracy.

For the calibration, visualization and post-processing of the information obtained, Profilocolore has developed a range of proprietary software with numerous features.

Profilocolore as
System Integrator

Profilocolore deals with the integration of systems, in order to make systems communicate with each other with the aim of creating a new functional structure that can synergistically use the potential of the individual systems and create new functions that were not originally present.

Profilocolore boasts a decade of experience in the sector in the creation of specialized, innovative and personalized projects for each customer.

Profilocolore as
Measurement Laboratory

Profilocolore is equipped with a Measurement Laboratory with instrumentation and equipment for radiometric, photometric and colorimetric measurements, following the guidelines of the most important International Metrology Institutes. Profilocolore collaborates with various universities for the development of advanced solutions and regularly hosts master’s and doctoral students, in order to offer them the opportunity to learn about and use these exclusive instruments and the laboratory for the development of prototypes of embedded systems.
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