the Photography Course
of the Corriere della Sera with Nikon School Italia

On July 15th, we published an article in the series “Master of photography”, published by Corriere della Sera and in collaboration with Nikon School Italia in the insert dedicated to “The Artificial Light”

For the great success of the initiative, we are pleased to announce that, from 2nd to 13th August, the Corriere della Sera, in collaboration with Nikon School Italy presents “Photography”, a complete and authoritative photography course to learn all the secrets and techniques of this great art.

Each of the 10 inserts to collect, rich in theoretical principles and practical lessons, is accompanied by the interventions of 4 great Nikon protagonists who deepen themes and offer advice on the grammar of visual language and create unique and special images. In this section of the insert “La luce artificiale” will be present the article written by Marcello Melis. The magazine will be available free of charge on 10th August together with Corriere della Sera.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know our world by watching it… beyond the natural vision!

The Photography explained by the Corriere della Sera & Nikon School Spectral Imaging Systems