The continuous research of Profilocolore and the always observed scientific stringency, have led to the development of systems optimized for different application fields, privileging in each of them the most important and peculiar aspects. The most important fields so far developed by Profilocolore are:


Cultural Heritage, Precision Farming, Land Monitoring and Crime Scene Analysis.



The majority of the developed technologies are in common with these fields, and among them there is for sure the ability to transform a digital camera into a true instrument of colorimetric, spectral and radiometric measurements.

Other technologies, both software and hardware, are instead specialized depending on the specific field of application.

For example, in Cultural Heritage, a rather critical operation, due to the required shooting conditions, is that of acquiring a fluorescence image. By combining a particular acquisition protocol and the functions of the PickFluo software, it is possible to obtain an exact fluorescence even in the presence of stray light.

In Precision Farming and Land Monitoring, where drones are used to carry sensors, the system must have the least weight compatible with the required performance. Profilocolore has developed the CAMGIC system that combines a high spatial resolution (12 Mpixel) and a high radiometric and colorimetric precision, with an extremely low weight of 350 grams, and the unique feature on the market to obtain these performances with just one photo shoot . In addition to still images, the CAMGIC system is able to take movies that the software then turns into a Visible / NDVI double-image video or any other combination of two channels, direct or derived from calculations.

In the Crime Scene Analysis the substances of interest are often liquid (blood etc.) and are often present in other tissues which in turn have their own spectral reflectance. Thanks to a Spectral Database integrated in the PickViewer analysis system and to some spectral separation algorithms, it is possible to obtain an excellent approximation of the spectral signature of the original fluid.

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