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Profilocolore S.r.l. is an engineering company, specialized in the development of imaging systems for the measurement of colorimetry, spectral radiometry and texture applied to any type of surface and materials.

Profilocolore was established in 2010, combining expertise from different fields of engineering in developing unique products for the market and offering advice as System Integrator for the development of innovative custom projects.

Profilocolore core technologies have been translated into products for different vertical markets:

     Cultural Heritage

     Environmental Monitoring

     Quality Control and Process Monitoring

     Investigation and Analysis of Crime Scenes


Common feature to all applications is a quick, high resolution and  high precision, non-invasive reading of the characteristics of surfaces and matter. 

Profilocolore developed an optimized process to extend standard cameras sensitivity to the full capability according to the sensor’s nature. Special attention is paid to the tuning of original auto-focus system to work perfectly in the new sensitivity range. 

Profilocolore developed proprietary calibration algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence and reliable radiometric and colorimetric referencesfor very high spatial and radiometric precision.

The achieved results consist of pixel based calibrated data of spectral features and standard colour CIELAB coordinates.


Profilocolore has developed a family of software analysis tools offering traditional imaging processingcomputer vision, in-depth learning approaches and interactive use of a colorimetric and radiometric database.

Profilocolore, as an engineering company and system integrator is able to develop industry specific algorithms and processing, integrating them into existent production pipelines.


Profilocolore is also a Measurement Laboratory, with state-of-the-art instrumentation and equipment for traceable radiometric, photometric and colorimetric measurements with respect to International Metrology Institutes. In the field of research, Profilocolore collaborates with various universities for the development of advanced solutions and regularly hosts students of specialist degrees and doctoral theses, offering them the opportunity to make use of their own exclusive instruments and laboratory for the development of embedded system prototypes. To complete the activities, Profilocolore has established several strategic partnerships with both Industries and specialized Universities and Institutes, which are reflected in highly multidisciplinary solutions.


– Nikon Italy / Nital. Exclusive agreement for the joint design of modified cameras (Full Frame – Full Range), which are used in high precision and high resolution colorimetric and multispectral shooting systems.


– NCS Italia and NCS HQ. License to use the NCS material, which is used in collaboration agreement for training activities, product distribution and development of projects for color imaging measurement, and for the development of application projects using the NCS color system.


– Diagnostic and restoration laboratories of the Vatican Museums. Consultancy and development of advanced monitoring and diagnostic systems for cultural heritage. Monitoring of the colors of the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel.


– University of Tuscia – La Sapienza University – University of Camerino – Roma Tre University. High level training for undergraduates and PhD students. Joint projects for the experimentation of innovative technologies, consulting on non-invasive diagnostics.

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